Here are our TOP must have items for all Paddle Board lovers!

I’m sharing my top picks for SUP accessories and must have items as a seasoned instructor & guide.

This amazing, versatile sport that keeps our students coming back for more. Over a decade, we have tried and tested so many boards, accessories and gear that we’ve become experts on the best products that all paddle boarders should have and now we want to share some of those items with you. Let our extensive knowledge help guide you to the best items to help make your time on the water, safe & fun. Book a lesson if you’re new or join our intermediate experiences.

Please note I do earn a commission on these purchases but that in no way effects the price you pay.

Electric Pump.

Sooner or later, most people who fall in love with SUP graduate to an electric pump. Manual pumps are great but they are an entire workout onto themselves. Sometimes without the proper technique it’s very difficult to get your board to the proper PSi, and that is vital to getting the most from your SUP. Not all pumps are made equal and we’ve tried and tested over 6 brands before settling on a couple of favourites that do the job efficiently and last!

  1. OutdoorMaster 20PSI High Pressure SUP Air Pump The Shark – Intelligent Dual Stage Inflation & Auto-Off Feature, Deflation Function, 12V DC Car Connector

    Why do we love this pump? Dual stage pumps are more efficient than single stage and this bad boy will pump all the way to 20 psi making it very versatile. Quality construction with a built in handle, easily plugged in to one of your 12V car connecters make it easy to use. The digital display enables you to set the recommended psi and walk away. The auto off feature makes sure you never over inflate. Our most favourite thing is the built in cooling fan enabling you to pump up to 3 boards back to back without stopping. We usually pump 5-6 with a wee break after #3. A great pump for those with lots of toys.

Safety Rope.

Of all the things paddlers are required to have with them on the water, we find this item is the most forgotten. Emergency throw ropes are a vital piece of your safety kit for all paddling activities.

  1. Sixteen metres is perfect for most recreational paddlers. We love the bright bags with reflective tape on these bags and the facts that you get TWO for a reasonable price. We suggest always leaving one in the car and one with your gear. Light weight and easy to carry.


Not all life jackets are suitable for Stand up Paddlers. For us it matters more than most that the jacket fits snugly and will not go over your head when you fall in the water. Why? Because it will actually hinder you from getting back on your board. Below find a few of my favourite options if you’re looking for a new life jacket to use while paddling.

DECKBRAVE Adult Type I PFD Canadian ULC Approved Life Jacket Nylon Foam Life Vest for Water Sports

Well fitted with 4 front clips and wide arm openings, this general all around recreational lifejacket is a great choice that will stay on. I always recommend bright colours like yellow so you are easy to see.

Onyx Belt Pack Manual Inflatable Life Jacket (PFD) 

This is the type of inflatable life jacket I wear as an instructor. It gives me a big range of motion and doesn’t get in the way if I need to dive in and rescue someone. As much as I love them, they do have their drawbacks. The main one being if you hit your head and are unconcious, you aren’t able to pull the tab to inflate the PFD putting your life at risk. However they are wonderful in most situations if you’re a strong swimmer and love to swim off your board without taking off your jacket first.


You have not enjoyed life until you have safely anchored your SUP and bobbed peacefully for hours without a care in the world. A must have tool for anyone that enjoys SUPYoga or finding a great spot to enjoy some me time. In the past we have used plastic dumbells with ropes but this is a much easier solution, light weight and handles waves better.

Compact Anchor Kit

While there are heavier anchors to purchase, for most situations this lightweight anchor is the best choice to always have with you. Comes with its own carry bag and will hold you still in most waves.

CupHolder on Board.

Finally a great way to keep your beverage securely upright on your SUP. After years of using anything that floats just randomly placed on the board, carefully getting on and off while hoping you don’t spill…which is almost a given lol   I have found these cool holders that will fit most beverages. I love that they give you an option to permanently affix or use there very grabby suction cup base that is removable. Step up your morning paddle with a coffee that makes it the whole way :)

SquidCup Non-Tipping Portable Universal Cup   

I find these are also great gift ideas for anyone with a kayak, sup, boat, seadoo etc.

Dry Bags.

Dry bags for the win! I love my dry bag so much that I tend to use it as an everyday adventure backpack :D I usually recommend getting at least 2. A bigger 15-20L with straps and a smaller one to hold your keys and cell phone. I always put the super important items in the little one so there is double the protection when things fall in the water.

Waterproof Backpack, 20L Roll Top Dry Compression

I really like the double strap design from Ocean pack that lets you wear them as a backpack either when paddling or walking around with chance of rain. A great adventure accessory.

Case-Mate Unisex 2l Phone Dry Bag 

This one has a cool see through window and carry strap.

SUP Cooler Bag.

If you’ve come on my guided paddles or Women on the Water packages, you know yummy snacks are an important part of the fun.

Paddle Board Cooler, Paddleboarding Accessories Waterproof Paddle Cooler Deck Bag with Top Mesh Pocket 

I love that it’s low profile and attaches easily to the board. I also bring a flat pre frozen synthetic ice pack to make it even colder.