Join our Yoga Mermaid Tribe!

Step up the difficulty & the fun of your yoga practice by taking it on the water!.

  • 574 calories /hr

  • Works Core Muscles

  • Low Impact

  • Adaptable


2024 Sessions

Thursdays Sunset Series 8 p.m.

June 13 , 27th

July 24th, 31st 

Additional dates may be added or request your private group of 4+


60 minute class per session

Rentals Included. Contact us directly for a BYOB option*

Private Special session?

Email us!


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Join our SUPYoga tribe!

SUP Yoga is taking the  fitness world by storm!! What is SUPYoga?  Essentially yoga on a stand up paddle board in the water!  Since the SUP board is large enough to act as a mat (and sturdy enough to support someone standing on it) it was only a matter of time before yogis started to discover the ways it challenged their practice. Super fun & very effective in building core strength!

Afraid of the water? Can’t swim?  We have you covered!  In Burlington we are lucky enough to have a gradual shallow, sand entry. Boards are set up before you arrive and anchored in place in appx. 3 feet of water.   Worst case if you fall off..just stand up and hop back on!

SUP Yoga is a must try activity in your Summer of awesome!


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We have updated our policies & procedures to ensure the safety of our staff and clients at the beach. If you are not following protocols, you are putting others at risk and you will not be allowed to participate or continue to participate in any activity or rental and will be asked to immediately leave the area.

All clients must be in good health to participate in a Burlington Beach Rentals activity or rental.
DO NOT COME… if experiencing fever, cough, shortness of breath, sudden loss of taste or smell, or cold flu-like symptoms.
DO NOT COME… if you have been in physical contact with anyone in medical quarantine

If you cannot come because of items 2 or 3, above… please notify us and you can rebook for another date.