The building of a Staycation Dream.

founder of Burlington Beach Rentals

Take Me to Summer

Are you a Summer person that needs the warm breezes?

Check out our Travel Website! Take me to Summer is all about living the good life, in the sunshine on a budget.  Healthy, active living in other sun soaked destinations until our fair homeland is back to Summer itself.

Follow Maria to her second home in South Pacific Costa Rica for curated all inclusive packages perfect for travellers of ANY experience level. Solo & Beginner traveller friendly.

OR contact her to book any TRAVEL experience as she also has her full Travel Agent credentials and vast knowledge of many sun drenched locations!! TICO #50026226

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Burlington Beach Rentals & Ontario Staycation Adventures are the brainchild and long time dream of Maria Sangria.

An avid traveller and lover of Summer and all things related, Maria yearned to find a way to bring back the feel good vibes, happiness and enthusiasm for life  that people experienced while on tropical vacation! There was no reason, in her mind, that people shouldn’t be able to have fun, live a healthy active life and really enjoy their own home town. From that one little thought, an obsession grew and soon a full blown business plan to bring life and excitement to her own home town of Burlington, Ontario. The shop first opened on May 13th 2013.

Maria’s dream was to build a STAYCATION resort to help others enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle while having an awesome time doing it! All those fantastic highs of tropical vacation didn’t have to be reserved for those that could afford plane tickets and didn’t have to stop for those returning either! Life is meant to be enjoyed. Your little corner of the world, wherever that may meant to be experienced. With that thought in mind, every year was spent coming up with ideas and programs that could bring those vibes to life. In 2017 Maria received her Flatwater Paddleboard instructor Certification and joined the coaching team. She also leads many of the floating meditation sessions during the Summer and loves being able to experience all the firsts with her clients.

Inspiration for all these programs came from all corners of the world. A big influence coming from the tropical islands of Asia and South America. Each and every season, she brings something new back to share with her beach loving clients.

The business has pivoted due to circumstance and to serve you better over the years. We now offer a wide range of fun activities, services and events to help everyone have an amazing staycation in Burlington & beyond!

Whether you are looking to:

  •  indulge in relaxation by renting one of our BEACH SPOTS 
  • kick up the adrenaline and take out some STAND UP PADDLEBOARDS  
  • learn a new skill by taking a LEARN TO SUP, LEARN TO SUPYoga or Women on the Water
  • have a unique Summer experience with our GUIDED PADDLES,  SOCIALS and FULL MOON events
  • Treat yourself with our all inclusive GIRLFRIEND FRIDAY RETREATS
  • Pretend to be a MERMAID with our mini photo sessions
  • Teens can enroll in our SUP Skills & Leadership program
  • Guided paddles to introduce you to new lakes with GUiDED SUP EXPLORER

It took over a decade to bring her plan into reality and each year we tweak and finesse programs to ensure we have unique offerings to engage the entire family. We’ve now survived 2 hundred year floods on the shores of Lake Ontario. Still growing and learning, we hope to provide you with the perfect Summer playground to create amazing memories that will last a lifetime <3