Learn to Stand up Paddleboard with us!

No previous experience needed.

  • 700 calories /hr

  • Total Body Workout

  • Low Impact

  • Adaptable


2024 Group Classes:


 Perfect if you’re new to Paddleboarding, Self Taught and Need Safety skills . Group Size 3-8.  Ages 11-60   Initial 90 minute lesson with full skills. Optional enrolment in skills practice.

SUNDAYS 9 a.m.  THURSDAYS 6:45 p.m.  (Sept 1o am)

Skills Practice– A series of 4- 60 minute group sessions to practice skills with supervision $295

SUNDAYS 7:45 a.m. THURSDAYS 8:15 p.m. to end of July. 

Private Classes Available at other times & locations.

Groups of 4+ same pricing as above. Travel charges may apply to other location requests.

55+ Beginner SUP Lessons

This weekday class is perfect for almost anyone that wants to get out gliding on the water for the first time. Learn in smaller groups with your peers. We will take extra time at the beginning of the class to stretch things out. 

Initial 100 minute lesson. Group size 3-5. Ages 50+ (must be in good health)  $140

TUESDAYS 9 a.m. 

Skills Practice: A series of 6- 60 minute group sessions to practice skills with supervision. $450 TUESDAYS 10:30 a.m. 

Learn to SUP – Intermediate Class Click HERE

Prefer one on one Coaching? Private Group session?  Email us!

Learn to  SUP with us (Stand up Paddle board)

Come join us on the lake and find out why Stand up Paddle boarding is taking the world by storm.

SUP (short for Stand up Paddleboarding)  is the absolute best way to get out and enjoy the water this Summer. With very little equipment ( a board, paddle and PDF) you can be ready to take on and explore just about any waterway.  Whatever you’re particular interests are..chances are you can use SUP to make it even better..versatility is a big part of the attraction!

Extra bonus…it burns 700 calories an hour and offers a full body workout, all while you’re having fun!!

EVERYONE needs a lesson, even if you’ve tried it before. We teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to safely paddle going forward.


  • PADDLE BOARD CONSTRUCTION – tips & tricks to buying a great board
  • WEATHER FORECASTING & reading the weather on the water
  • SAFETY – everything you need to have on board + Ontario laws
  • BASIC & INTERMEDIATE paddle strokes
  • HOW TO STAND & move around on the SUP
  • & more

Whatever your age, gender or previous water sport experience, you should give it a try. Our small class sizes and fantastic coach will help you get your basic paddle boarding skills, allowing you to be up and paddling in no time. So don’t think you haven’t got the spare time, patience, or have left it too late in life… it’s never too late to learn to paddle board!!   Once you’re up and gliding over the water, you will never, ever look back!

Finished your lesson and want more?

Make sure to sign up for our Skills Practice Sessions. A series of 4 additional classes to practice your skills in a supervised setting. We have lots of activities and events to keep you busy enjoying SUP all Summer long.


You’ve asked in the past & now we’ve finally done it!! Choose how and where you learn.

MOBILE, Come to you SUP Lessons


Learn Online at home

On select weekdays, and even some weekends we are willing to come to YOUR neck of the woods in Southern Ontario to teach your private group everything they need to know about this wonderful and adaptable sport. Rentals and all equipment included.

Please contact us directly with your requests. Travel charges will apply.

Email us now!

Please follow these steps to ensure we are able to protect our staff and clients while providing a great experience. 

  1. Waivers must be done online prior to arrival.
  2. You will receive an email confirming our meet up location on the Burlington Beach after booking. This is subject to change if the beach is busy.
  3. Please have your PHOTO ID ready to check into the class.
  4. Life jackets and Paddles will be assigned in the parking area. You will need to carry your own inflatable SUP to the beach area (appx 24 lbs)
  5. Everyone must maintain six feet social distancing while waiting in line to check in for your first class and during the land and water portions of your training.
  6. We reserve the right to ask for temperature scans through the season. If a person’s temperature is above 38 Celsius, they will not be allowed to enter or participate  and must leave the area. There will be no refund, but they can rebook for another date.
  7. Please do not bring your  valuables to the beach or your lesson. We will have some dry bags for clients to borrow but there is no secure place to put your valuables on the beach.
  8. Clients are not to touch any company equipment that has not been handed to them.
  9. At the end of your class pleasure ensure any garbage is removed from the boats and you take your plastic ziploc with you.
  10. All boards & equipment must be returned back to the parking area at the end of class & our staff will be responsible for de-contaminating all equipment.
  11. Porta Potty Washrooms are available and serviced by the City of Burlington.

Thank you for your cooperation… following these guidelines… insures our activities are safe for everyone!

Our classes are fun and suitable for everyone! Check out what people are saying!

As a non swimmer it was very nervous for me to be on the water. Our instructor was so kind and patient teaching all the things about the SUP, safety and what to do on the water. I’m so glad I took the lesson and recommend to everyone.

I did the private class with Maria and felt safe & empowered on the water. Can’t believe I waited so long to try this sport. We went over everything including weather forecasting & tons of safety information as well as paddle strokes and learning to stand. Couldn’t be happier with the lesson.

I wanted to try this for a long time. Maria made me comfortable on the water and felt safe. I love this sport will do it again!

We now have a new favourite thing to do together! A great date with my new husband and perfect day at the beach relaxing in one of the beach spots we rented.

I did the SUP lesson this week and it was amazing! Now that I’ve done the lesson I feel confident to be able to board on my own. What a great experience! The instructor was great as well! 5 star!!

First SUP class with Maria this morning who was great. Very professional and thorough. Pity we had tough conditions but such a great experience and look forward to doing it again soon.

We recently took a beginner stand up paddle board lesson with Maria. What a fun experience and Maria was an excellent coach! The waves made our beginner lesson pretty interesting but lots of fun! I would recommend BBR for anyone wanting to try this out

My sister and I tried SUP for the first time, and we’re so glad that we did, even though both of us were feeling very anxious about it. However, our instructor, Maria was awesome! Not only did she make us feel safe and secure (safety first!), but she was also very helpful and encouraging. It definitely gave us some confidence and made it a very pleasant experience for both of us as first timers. Thank you Maria/Burlington Beach Rentals! Can’t wait to try it again.

Great 1st experience. What a great way to get a workout, “Walking on water”, enjoying the scenery & keeping fit.  If I  can learn this at 71, just about anyone should be able to do it. I am excited about being able to participate in this activity & look forward to doing so with my children & grandchildren again this year.   Thanks to Maria & Eric for their encouraging  me to take my first lesson.

I had the most  wonderful time doing SUP last weekend…I had never done it before and Erik is a very good and patient teacher,perfect for a first timer, he gives you the confidence to enjoy it all.
I can’t wait until to try it again.Thanks Burlington Beach Rentals!