Summer Fun on the Schedule through September!

Long live Summer 2022!
We’ve been having the BEST time with our clients. It’s like coming home to family once again <3
From Beach Yoga to Water classes…the joy, enthusiasm & great energy you share make for unforgettable memories that make each Summer special.

Great news is we still have LOTS of classes and experiences on the schedule through to October this year!!

Get on the water now and check LEARNING TO SUP off your list. It’s something almost anyone can do and gliding on water is a MUST experience. Once you stand up and start paddling, life will never be the same. Add the 700 calorie burn per hour plus all over toning that doesn’t feel like a work out and it’s a wonder the WHOLE WORLD isn’t enjoying it already.

SUPYoga and Floating Meditations can take you from Zen to Supercharged!  These classes do not need prior yoga experience. You don’t even need to know how to swim!!

Beach Yoga is something we can keep enjoying into October. Join our regular weekly beach yoga classes or our Signature Full or New Moon Yoga practices along with the Solstice and Equinox in September. Sign up for the series or single classes annually.

SOUND BATH experience is a new class that is an immersive and expanded version of our endings in Moon classes. A full set of crystal bowls, rain sticks, drums & other instruments will take you on a sound journey meditation. Bring blankets to get cozy as we get cooler.

We are thinking up new experiences and extending schedules as long as the weather co operates into October so watch our social media for up to date announcements.

Thinking WINTER VACATION ? Escape with us to Costa Rica. Amazing all inclusive opportunity with curated experiences to one of the most beautiful and bio diverse spots on the planet. Visit our international brand Take me to Summer with Maria for full details. Dates start in early December!!